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Zuiun Your tool shop of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement

2F Karasuma center bilding, 640 Shichikannoncho, Nakagyo-ward, Kyoto

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Shopping guide (for foreign countries)
Your order
we'll take your order in the telephone, fax and a mail.
The mail order form is this.
I have the consent mails you ordered later make the total payment price make a contact.
About a method of payment.
A method of payment by catalog selling from foreign countries can be chosen from the following 2 kinds.
@ Bank transfer
The case of transferring
A handling charge of remittance will be a customer burden.
A deposit bank account is from this.
A International money order
It's international money order for Japan of the price part
Please issue and mail to us it.
Shipping off becomes a principle and preparations of the baggage after payment confirmation.
 Payment with a card can corresponds to only the shopping occasion in Kyoto shops.
About shipping method.
we'll usually ship it in EMS express.
we'll be sometimes other SAL mail, surface mail and airmail by the contents of goods.

Your tool shop of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement

Phone orders 0120−04−7073